Sponsoring London Book Fair 2014 #futureproofyourcareer

Every year, we look forward to London Book Fair; we attend on each day and meet with our very important clients to understand what their strategies are for the year ahead and how this impacts their needs in terms of the talent they are looking for. This year, however, we are even more excited than usual…because this year, Inspired Selection are official sponsors of the People Development Seminar Stream, taking place throughout the 3 day event!


The series of seminars range in topic and panel format but all follow the theme of working in the publishing industry, including an examination of the ever-changing landscape in “Making Change Happen: From Treacle to Continuous Innovation”, Wednesday, April 9th at 4pm, and “Editing, Indexing and Translating – the Added-value Activities Behind Publishing” on Tuesday at 10am. The collection of seminars provide an opportunity for all those in the industry, right though from entry-level to those immersed in the industry for years now, to find out more about challenges and changes in the world of publishing.

Inspired Selection are proud to be adding our own seminar to this batch on Thursday, April 10th, where we will be hosting a panel of selected Heads of Talent from a variety of our top publishing clients and asking them to discuss the issues, challenges and opportunities we face as an industry when it comes to hiring new talent and developing existing talent.  Our panel includes John Athanasiou (Director of People at Harper Collins), Harriet McArthur (Human Resources Director, Europe – Wolters Kluwer, Health) and Anna Tomlinson (Head of HR for Publishing – Random House Group).

The seminar, “Futureproof Your Career”, will examine the traditional verses the “futureproof” skillset and will allow our panel to discuss the types of roles they are most frequently recruiting for at the moment and the type of talent they are looking for to fill those roles. They will be asked to discuss what the biggest challenges are when looking for this talent; the roles they struggle to fill, the skillsets that are harder to find, the main mistakes that candidates make in applications and interviews, and also describe the best application/interview they have had so far in their careers – what made that candidate stand out from the rest?

This seminar will benefit both the panel and the audience, allowing the panel to paint the picture of their ideal candidate for particular roles and the audience to know the skills and experience required in this ever-changing industry.

Here at Inspired Selection, we are passionate about the publishing industry; we talk about publishing, read about publishing and attend all major publishing events like the one you’ve just read about. We would love to meet you at events so do feel free to come up and introduce yourselves! If you’re interested in opportunities within publishing do keep in touch and register for our Vacancy Update Service as well as keeping up to date with us on Twitter


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