Brookes University, Oxford – Working In Publishing Day

This week saw the return of the annual Brookes Working In Publishing Day for around 70 post graduate and third year undergraduate students, many of whom are about to complete their studies on the Masters  in Publishing course as a precursor to gaining employment with publishing companies.


There were also in attendance around 35 publishing and publishing related companies there to answer questions and give some guidance on how to get a job in publishing as well as to talk about the various entry level positions which will be available.

Inspired Selection was on hand to field many of these questions and to talk knowledgeably about careers available in the industry.

The day was comfortably spilt into bite sized chunks covering several skills sessions for CV tips, interview tips …. etc followed by  a number of speed dating sessions in the afternoon.

For these, the students were broken down into small groups or individuals and then had the opportunity to spend 15 minutes with a publishing company or with a recruitment expert for more individual attention and Q & A’s.

These sessions were extremely invigorating and always a delight to be able to talk about the industry and all of the opportunities which a career in publishing can provide, with a significant group of really interested students.
The students showed enthusiasm, had sometimes interesting questions and really got into the spirit of networking. Something which will stand them all well in the future!

Over an excellent buffet lunch there was plenty of opportunity to network both with students and company representatives.


At the end of the day there was a brief talk by the well known and popular, Joanna Prior of Penguin Books as well as a further opportunity to network over drinks provided by the Brookes team.

The day was managed very efficiently by Beverley Tarquini, Senior Lecturer in Publishing Studies at Brookes, with a team of willing volunteers!

Inspired Selection welcomes this regular opportunity to meet the new talent coming into our industry.  THEY ARE THE FUTURE OF THE PUBLISHING INDUSTRY!

Here at Inspired Selection, we are passionate about the publishing industry; we talk about publishing, read about publishing and attend all major publishing events like the one you’ve just read about. We would love to meet you at events so do feel free to come up and introduce yourselves!


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