Bookseller Awards 2014

With less than 24 hours to go before the Bookseller Awards shortlist is announced for 2014, we are all incredibly excited here at Inspired Towers.

Inspired Search & Selection is dedicated to supporting the best talent in the industry and so it is a real privilege for us to be sponsoring the Bookseller Awards this year, an event devoted to just that. We are constantly meeting with fantastic people of the publishing industry who are looking to develop their creativity and innovation in new environments and this event shines the spotlight on the very best creators and the top innovators in the market.

It’s our mission to fuel the industry with talent, introducing publishing professionals to each other resulting in new roles for people which are going to both personally develop the individual and also develop the organisation with the ideas, skills and imagination of that individual. Celebrating the success of such innovators and creators in the upcoming shortlist will be a great moment for us all as we recognise the individuals’ achievements and take a step back in admiration for our industry and its evolution.

At this point, while we wait in anticipation for the shortlist to be revealed, we would like to raise our thanks to the Bookseller Awards Judging Panel. It’s a dream team of publishing professionals, well placed to review the nominations coming from great success within the industry themselves. They’ll have made numerous tough calls, judging the wealth of talent nominated for the various categories will have been no easy task and it takes great experience to be in that position.

So for now, we sit with congratulations at the ready for those shortlisted, with gratitude to the judges and with pride for being part of this fantastic event.


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