Jobs in Publishing: An Inspired Approach


Next Wednesday, September 11th, we are gathering at Hotel Strand Continental to hear our Managing Director, Suzy Astbury, speak at the monthly “Women in Publishing” event. This meeting will focus on jobs within publishing and how to take the next necessary steps on your career path.

As a specialist recruitment agency, Inspired Selection deals exclusively with publishing roles and Suzy is best equipped to explore this area in more detail bringing with her extensive experience and interest in the publishing industry and the best tips on what it takes to succeed. Suzy will cover, amongst other things, the skills that are in demand now in various publishing roles and how to get them.

Having worked with Michael O’Mara Books and The Quarto Group, Suzy has a finger on the pulse of the ever-changing publishing industry and, along with the rest of us here at Inspired, wants to spread this knowledge and enthusiasm and help people to make the most of their skills and experience.

It will be an evening to be inspired and to think outside of the box. Suzy’s key aim is to seek out talent and ensure that it is used and developed. For those of you who love publishing and want to work in the right role within the right company, this is an event not to be missed!


Inspired Selection Jubilee Competition

THE DIAMOND JUBILEE COMPETITION                                                            

To be in with a chance of winning a hard-copy of the top-rated title The Diamond Queen by Andrew Marr, a fascinating book published by Pan Macmillan, please answer the following question:

–          “Which language can the Queen speak fluently, apart from English, without the need of an interpreter?”


To enter the competition please email your answer to with Jubilee Competition in the subject line, alternatively complete the form below with your answer in the ‘comment’ box:


The closing date for entries is 5pm Thursday 14th June 2012, the lucky winner will be drawn on Friday 15th June 2012.

CV Tips & Advice #Inspiredtweetup

Inspired Selection @Inspiredjobs Tweet-ups #Inspiredtweetup

Topic Two – The CV

  • Streaming live from Madrid & London, we’re about to start our second live tweet-up, this week we’re looking at CVs, feel free to send us any questions!
  • Good afternoon Publishing pro’s, the next hour is dedicated to helping you perfect your CV for applications
  • So, firstly let’s look at a clear, straight forward structure that a good CV can take:
  • CV Structure: Name & contact details; Profile; Education; Key Skills/Strengths; Work Experience/Employment; Interests; References
  • Now let’s look at each section of the CV individually:
  • Make sure your name and up to date contact details are clearly displayed
  • Include the web address to your LinkedIn profile if your profile page is 100% complete
  • Include a ‘profile’ of c. 3-4 lines at the top of your CV, make it short and snappy – it’s the first thing employers see so make it interesting and summarise yourself!
  • Education: Don’t list all your GCSE subjects, include your grades e.g. GCSE’s: A*A*AAAABBCC
  • There is also no need to list university modules, just list the University and your degree and the result
  • Strengths: Use bullet points, they’re a great way of clearly listing key skills/strengths
  • Bullet point your key skills/strengths as they are relevant to the essentials/desirables in a job description and ensure this list is visible near the beginning of your CV
  • Employment should be listed chronologically, stating most recent/current job first
  • Don’t include jobs that aren’t relevant – make sure the skills from previous employment match the job you’re going for
  • For interests & hobbies, show your personality – state your ‘interesting’ interests, not just cinema, reading, cycling etc.
  • The key is whether the information on your CV is relevant to the position to which you’re applying
  • Check again the dates on your CV and ensure that they make sense. Employers may well question gaps or inconsistencies
  • Make sure you have clear formatting that is consistent throughout the CV
  • Don’t ‘over-format’ – keep it clear and well structured
  • Be clear and concise in what you’re stating and keep it to 2 pages
  • If you have substantial experience over several positions with a range of employers, then it’s fine to have 3 pages.
  • Make sure you spell-check your CV (using UK English)
  • But don’t rely on just spell check, have someone check it before sending it anywhere – a fresh pair of eyes always helps to spot errors!
  • Remember to include your IT/digital publishing skills on your CV – these are particularly relevant in today’s market
  • Avoid using text boxes, some HR systems aren’t compatible and it ruins the formatting
  • Don’t leave gaps on your CV, these can lead to employers thinking you have something to hide, If roles aren’t relevant just include the titles and length of time you were in the role.
  • Include relevant professional development training courses
  • Remember the 3 second rule – if the recruiting manager can’t see matching skills in 3 seconds they may not read on!
  • Bullet points are a good way of clearing outlining the key responsibilities and main duties you had in each position
  • Bullet point 2-3 achievements for each role such as ‘increased sales in my territory by 200% over one year’ or ‘increased traffic to our website by 300% through a social media campaign’
  • Use specific examples instead of ‘great leadership skills’ say ‘managed and motivated a team of three, increasing productivity and efficiency’.
  • If you have been in your current job for a while show how you progressed through a company by clearly showing promotions and when you gained extra responsibilities
  • Reference details don’t need to be included when first submitting your CV – simply write ‘Available on request’.
  • Don’t use the third person- you are the one writing your CV