What Do Publishers Want?

At London Book Fair 2014, the consultants at Inspired Selection were meeting with Publishers across the industry to find out exactly what they are looking for from their staff. We sponsored an entire seminar stream and hosted a panel to get to the bottom of this.


So today, we want to introduce 10 key skills that publishers are looking for in their people to future proof their companies.

Here are the top 10 skills that we heard the most about from publishers during the fair from both meetings and seminars which they are especially keen to see on CVs:

  1. Data Analysis & how to use it
  2. Knowledge of Mark up languages e.g. XML
  3. Microsoft Excel
  4. Publishing work flows and processes  and new publisher platforms
  5. Google Analytics (and other analytical tools/skills)
  6. Social platforms (paid for and unpaid)
  7. Consumer understanding and focus
  8. Entrepreneurial skills
  9. Problem-solving skills
  10. SEO/ Social Media

A passion for books, authors, words and content are still integral to any role within the publishing industry; but in order to be an industry that not only embraces change but leads in innovation, these skills are the key to that success. As the world changes the way in which it consumes content, so must we to evolve the way that we provide so that the publishers remain the industry that authors and creatives continue to look to in the first instance as disseminators of quality content.


Here at Inspired Selection, we are passionate about the publishing industry; we talk about publishing, read about publishing and attend all major publishing events like the one you’ve just read about. We would love to meet you at events so do feel free to come up and introduce yourselves! If you’re interested in opportunities within publishing do keep in touch and register for our Vacancy Update Service as well as keeping up to date with us on Twitter


3 thoughts on “What Do Publishers Want?

    • Thanks for your comment Marina, we’ve heard a lot of feedback like this so will definitely be looking at doing something similar in the future! Keep an eye on the blog for more details coming up..

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