Redundancy – a talent ‘investment’ viewpoint

Redundancy – a talent ‘investment’ viewpoint

So, your role has been made redundant! To be honest you feel like you’ve been consigned to the ‘junk’ heap!

Make sure you are talking to a recruitment agency who works with companies whose perceptions of redundant staff are not as ‘the junk bonds of the workplace’.  A recent article in “Recruiter” identified ‘junk bonds’, in investment terms, as the investment of last resort.

A ‘junk bond’ is a high risk investment vehicle unless you are trying to sell it, in which case it becomes a ‘high yield’ investment vehicle and that is what today’s companies need – high yield employees!

Senior figures in recruitment circles believe that the value of people who have lost their jobs in these circumstances is significantly underestimated.

Companies need to seriously consider that by employing you they have the opportunity to build loyal teams who are potentially over qualified or who bring fully qualified talent, at a reasonable cost.

Let’s debunk the myth that people who have been out of a job for 6 months or more are no longer at the cutting edge of technology. People currently without a job can often access subsidised training or can volunteer at organisations where their skills can be useful or where they can actually advance that skillset.

These people are not ‘falling behind’. They are actually keeping their skills current or, in some cases, advancing these because they have the time to do it.

Remember these positive advantages as you plan your campaign for that next permanent role and ensure that your covering letter or summary clearly makes the point that investing in your talent will bring ‘high yield ‘to the company.

Donald Smith, Deputy Managing Director, Inspired Selection




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