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Topic Three: Interviews

  • Streaming live from Oxford & London, we’re about to start our third live tweet-up..
  • This week we’re looking at Interview Tips, feel free to send us any questions!
  • Firstly, let’s kick off with the first things you should do when you’ve been invited for an interview..
  • Make sure you have all the relevant details so you can get cracking on planning getting yourself to the interview
  • If necessary, have a ‘practise run’ for your route – be sure you know how long the journey will take!
  • Do some research on the company – use their website, The Bookseller and LinkedIn
  • Get familiar with any developments, the main focus of the business and their market!
  • Mentally prepare yourself- do a practice run on competency questions
  • Have some examples ready of how you can prove that you have relevant skills and experience
  • Make LinkedIn work for you…check out your interviewers before you meet them
  • Do flatter them! Everyone likes a bit of ego stroking of their achievements, awards and prizes
  • See if they have an interesting background and everyone is impressed by you knowing something about their career
  • Know who their main competitors are and how they distinguish themselves in their market
  • Tricky questions: can you answer the biscuit question?
  • Make sure you prep questions that show your interest in their company
  • Ask a friend to really push you to answer those tricky questions…
  • What about company culture? Is there room for progression? What do the employers expect of new employees?
  • What are the training opportunities? What is the next stage of the interview process?
  • Ask about extra responsibilities that might not be on the job description…
  • Let’s move onto the big I-day…
  • Firstly. let’s be professional in your choice of clothes for those all important first 7 seconds impression!
  • Appearance – make sure you are neat and tidy, your hair is brushed, shoes polished and you are looking professional.
  • Don’t wear brand new clothes, you need to be comfortable
  • Avoid that lovely smelling fragrance! Check your breath? Double check those teeth after your pre-I coffee/snack
  • Arrive 10 minutes early – get focussed, calm and collected and into that interview zone!
  • Positive and open body language path the way for good impressions
  • Firm handshake, no limp lettuces!
  • Walk tall, exude self confidence, but not arrogance
  • Also back to basics on meeting new people: remember those manners
  • Remind yourself that the interviewers themselves might be nervous too- they’re also being interviewed by you
  • Make sure you’re using appropriate and professional language…definitely no swearing!
  • Maintain eye contact with your interviewer
  • Smile! Be positive and enthusiastic, interviewers will respond to a good attitude
  • Demonstrate that you can bring something new, or give an example of a gap in the market you’ve observed
  • I’ve noticed you’re looking at developing throughout Latin America; this is an area I’m familiar with…’
  • Show you potential to ‘learn’- you should grow within a role, not already be able to do it all!
  • If you say you can do everything then they may think you’ll be bored in this role and will leave in a short space of time
  • Do highlight the areas that you do want to gain experience in, particularly for career development
  • Be able to talk through your career movements on your CV, making each move a positive one
  • If a role did not work out, be honest about why and what you have learnt. Keep to the FACTS!
  • Take an honest look at which parts of the required experience you lack
  • Plan how to address questions about how your transferable skills will allow you to make the transition into this role.
  • Don’t criticise a current or past employer, stay professional at all times
  • Now rounding off: ask your prepared questions, building up a discussion around these
  • Take in your CV and covering letter to interview – it sounds strange, but be familiar with it! Thank you your interviewers for their time and consideration
  • Be prepared for questions about your hobbies! the manager might be very interested in swordfighting/scuba diving/crocheting
  • Be yourself – if the fit is not right then it’s better to find this out now rather than pretending to be someone else
  • Finally, remember to bring your sense of humour! At the end of the day, it’s your personality that’s important for team fit
  • A few other things to think about..
  • So, some what ifs? What if I get sick? What if I’m late? What if I need to cancel? Use your common sense and communicate!
  • If you’re really sick, don’t drag yourself in, they won’t appreciate being passed on bugs
  • What if you don’t understand a question? be honest, ask them to rephase the question, and ask for time to respond
  • Have your phone charged, have taxi money, make sure you have the numbers to contact the company to apologise
  • What if you get lost: call them, they know how to locate themselves..
  • What if you go blank on your example? USE YOUR CV – look at your achievements, THERE are your examples
  • So everyone has lots of advice- follow what works for you.
  • We hope that was useful, please do email us any Q’s & sign up to our blog for details of the next one
  • For those who joined us at the end, all our tips will be published shortly on our blog
  • Subscribe to our blog as later today we’ll be posting details of a competition we’re running for five lucky people…
  • The five winners will have a chance to get some personalised interview advice through live interview videoing
  • Thanks to everyone that got involved, we’ve really enjoyed it.
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  • Look forward to hearing from you!



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